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elongated and converging slightly above amI Inflow. Dr. Maurer
has called attention to the remarkable likeness between the
embryonic hair when at this stage and the simple tttnise.-or^ans
of lower Vertebrates. Later there is formed below this a
denser aggregation of the eorium, vrhieh ultimately beeomc.s

the papilla of the hair.
This IK the- apparent
homolojjjuc, of tliu* first
formed part of a
feather, \vhieh projects
as a papilla before the
epid*>rralH hu« under-
gone any modiltication.
Il«*ut'*! thert» is from
the, very tirst a din*»r-
etu*e between fratlierH
and h;urs-—-'UdiHeivixtt*.
whh*h mu^t be o.'uv-
borno in mind,
illy wlien we
consider tho Mr«»nj^
K u pe. r ii tt I ul rime m-
blan«*e l»etween h;ur«
and tho ftiisiplo bnrb-
<. Still


Fr<*, 2.-— Four «Htt$pra'ms of utaircs* in ttu'r <tavwloj»m«*«t

mnrnnui!*   *           At       t        t       #

; 1<* C% 1>,   later till* Kttm*   f>t

A* K«ttli^«t »tage in one of
in whUth th« dtiniial itftpiila ftppenrn
tbrv««taffM in the jl«wlopmi«t «f tho hair in th«

ii tun tin wtsoryo.    «<7,   ilnir-i>ulb ; rr«, hortxy layn't

of the  epIdwiniH ; fttlt   hair * follicle 5   j/rrw,  hulr-   dl*|»rt*HB€*<l   into U tltl»U-

;   A,   h»frf   in

or*    tint   «ur-

!„„ Kft*t«'t tin*
-1       KM Ut Mire,


„     Kt*t«'  tn*
face;   m«<j»  Malpighiaik   layer  of i'i»i<!«rutlN ;  i*pt    -1,      KM Ut Mire, 'VMJ
dermal papilla; «?6» d«v«l<ij>l»g *Mj1*acemt» glamin ;   lined    with    <**»lirt
"                              fri,iu    tho
alptghti, but
is filled with a continuation of the more*  «up«%rticial t**4lH of the
epidermis,     This is the hair-follicio, arid from the <*p«l«trini« eells
arises the hair by direct incstaii«irj>hoH!« of thong eells ; there m
no excretion of the hair by tin© cells, hut the celts fajcome tlw*
hair. From the lu&ir-folliele also grows out a |»*iir of
glands, which eerve to keep the fuHy~form&d hair moidt.
J)r. Meijerle1 has liitely descsribed in uoino detail tho